Nice to meet you, we are Ecoterm. An organization which believes that each individual makes a difference and that change begins within each one.

We are part of an eco-efficient technology, a link to sustainable development.

Through many studies and research, an innovative concept was created for the construction industry.

Our organization constantly seeks to improve our products and processes.

The Ecoterm Guarantee seal attests to the consumer that the product is of a guaranteed quality that you can trust. 


Because we don't just manufacture environmentally friendly products, we make our customers aware of a more sustainable future.

We are an organization hoping for the better.


Our Organization's Mission
To offer sustainable solutions for the civil construction market, in a cooperative manner, with superior quality products, in order to provide more comfort to our customers and better opportunities to our partners.



The bricks produced by the manufacturers of the Ecoterm Network follow a high-quality standard - a careful process that results in bricks with quality above those required by Brazilian standards. (ABNT NBR 8492, Soil-cement brick - Dimensional analysis, determination of compressive strength and water absorption - Test method).

ABNT - Minimum 2Mpa and 20% moisture absorption

Ecoterm® Quality Standard:

T1 - Common: Minimum 4 Mpa and 12% moisture absorption

T2 - Structural: Minimum 6 Mpa and 10% moisture absorption

T3 - Special: Above 6 Mpa and moisture absorption below 10%


We believe that long-term relationships are based on truth and reciprocity.

Social responsability
We assume a direct commitment to our employees and to society, promoting awareness and building sustainable buildings. What is good for the planet is good for you.

Environmental responsibility
We think about the future by sowing, germinating and harvesting 3 native trees per thousand bricks that are produced.

We believe that natural resources should be used efficiently and without waste.

We transform natural resources into prosperity and sustainable development.


We at Ecoterm understand that a solid and well-regarded organization cannot be built alone. It is necessary to have partnerships with businesses that have the same objective to provide effective solutions to our customers and solidify our brand.

Meet the partners that make Ecoterm stronger and stronger.

Archfaz Arquitetura e Construção

One of ArchFaz's main objectives is respect the environment, applying all ecological and sustainability techniques to a reliable and high-quality product.

Eco Faber Tijolos Ecológicos

Eco Faber Tijolos Ecológicas is located in Senador Canedo - GO

Eco Tijolo Fortaleza

Eco Tijolo Fortaleza is a pioneer company in the state of Ceará in the manufacture of ecological bricks. It is an innovative company that seeks to obtain quality and sustainability in the ecologically correct manufacture of its products. The Eco Tijolo factory is located in Fortaleza - CE.

I9 Construindo

I9 Tijolos Ecológicos works in Civil Construction in an exclusive and differentiated way, specialized in Ecological Bricks, works with Production, Commercialization, Projects, Construction, Advisory, Consulting and Training, focused on Ecological Bricks The factory is located in Barrinha - SP.

Kovacs Tijolos Ecológicos

Kovacs Tijolos Ecológicos offers high quality and resistant bricks, which will provide an impeccable, cozy and highly sophisticated finish. Factory located in Pomerode - SC.

Metta Eco Tijolos Modulares

Fábrica de Tijolos Ecológicos located in the city of Santo Antônio da Platina - PR

Tijokez Tijolos Ecológicos

Reducing Costs with Quality and Collaborating with the Environment, the Tijokez factory is located in Hortolândia - SP.

Tijolo Eco Modular

We are an innovative company, specializing in the manufacture of Modular Ecological Brick. The factory is located in the city of Pedro Leopoldo - MG.


Nós, da Ecoterm, entendemos que uma organização sólida e bem conceituada não se constrói sozinho. É preciso contar com boas parcerias que tenham o mesmo objetivo para proporcionar soluções eficazes aos nossos clientes e solidificar a nossa marca.

Conheça agora os construtores que fazem com que a Ecoterm se fortaleça cada vez mais.

Environmental Commitment

Environmental Commitment

Ecological awareness is at the core of who we are. 

Ecoterm's factory is located on a rural property that already has the required amount of native forest per land.  Not only do we comply with Brazilian laws but we also assume an environmental commitment - for every thousand bricks we produce, we avoid burning 7 trees and plant 3 new Brazilian native trees. Among them are Jatobá, Jequitibá, Ipê, and Seringueira. These trees are identified and cataloged according to the Manual for the Identification and Cultivation of Native Tree Plants in Brazil - Instituto Plantarum de Estudos da Flora.

Today, on our land, we are visited by several species of birds such as parrots, toucans, seriemas and herons to name a few. And each year, we expand the preservation area, as we aim to rebuild forests with a greater diversity of trees, fruits and birds.

113 Harrington Waters Drive
Waikiki - 6169
Perth, Western Australia
Phone: +61 420 808 723

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